Committee and Volunteer Application

First Response Action is seeking to add members to the First Response Action Committee.  Committee members can be Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, current Volunteers, people who have experience in the field of victim services or people who are passionate about educating people about sexual violence and supporting survivors. Having served as a Peace Corps Volunteer is not a requirement for serving as a committee member.

Committee member role and details:

General Committee Chair Description:

First Response Action committee positions are ideal volunteer positions for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or someone who has participated in a similar international volunteer experience. First Response Action is committed to ensuring a survivor-centered approach to our work, and therefore will maintain a balance of about 50/50 ratio of survivors to allies on the committee.  Committee positions are unpaid volunteer positions.

Time Commitment:

Committee chairs are expected to provide support for an average of 10-15 hours per month, including hour-long conference calls every other week.  Chair positions are for two years and can be renewed once simultaneously.  Chairs need to be off the committee for at least one two year cycle before returning to the committee.

Application Process:

People who are interested in joining the First Response Action committee to make a difference for Peace Corps Volunteers who are victims of sexual violence can download the application on this website and email to Operations Chair Meg Long at .  After applications are reviewed, applicants will be interviewed via phone or Skype or face-to-face when possible.  Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis with two application selection rounds in 2012.  Applications are due by June 1 for the first round and by October 1 for the second round.

Download the committee member and volunteer application here.

(Having problems with downloading the PDF?  Need a Word version instead?  Email to get a copy.)


First Response Action is currently seeking people to fill the following positions:


Committee Chair Description

Finance Chair Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Ability to manage money and figures.  (Experience managing nonprofit finances is a bonus.)
  • Knowledge of PayPal and online banking.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • The ideal Finance Chair holds a CPA or has a background in finance, accounting or business.


    • Manage First Response Action bank account(s) and PayPal account
    • Transfer money to accounts as necessary.
    • Assist in cutting checks to pay for items or reimburse committee members.
    • Update financial documents regularly.
    • Assist with fundraising efforts in relation to the gathering and handling of money.
    • Submit documentation to Fiscal Sponsor as necessary



Committee Chair Description

Marketing Chair Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Ability to communicate well in writing and verbally.
  • Knowledge of website management is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
  • The ideal Marketing Chair has a background in public relations, media relations, community relations, publicity, website management, writing, English or related field.


  • Manage First Response Action website, social media, press releases and blog, including content generation
  • Work collaboratively with Community Relations Chair to retain strong and consistent messaging across platforms.
  • Monitor media for stories related to Peace Corps, sexual violence and other related areas.
  • Serve as a guest blogger or contributor on other sites to spread the mission and awareness of First Response Action.
  • As needed, chair a subcommittee special project related to marketing
  • Approve and monitor external documents for branding and consistency


Committee Chair Description


Victim Services Chair Qualifications:

  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Full or part-time employment related in to victims’ services.
  • Strong connection with the field of national victims’ services is preferred.



  • Monitor national promising practices in physical and sexual assault prevention education and service delivery to victims of crime.
  • Update committee members regarding highlights and national trends in victim services.
  • Research and recommend to specific committee member and/or Peace Corps practices that are relevant to Peace Corps model of service delivery.
  • Review First Response Action documents and materials to ensure a survivor-centered approach that is up to date with national standards and promising practices.
  • Work with First Response Action members to support developing and keeping current a database of referrals.


Committee Chair Description


Development Chair Qualifications:

  • Strong organizational and communication skills including written communications.
  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent experience in business, marketing or nonprofit management and experience in the nonprofit community.
  • Must have a working knowledge of how nonprofits, board or committees function.
  • Must have experience with grant writing and grant reporting including fund tracking.


  • The Development Chair should maintain strong communication with the Committee as well as funders to demonstrate financial need and show the fiscal responsibility of the organization.
  • Focuses on locating sources of funding, approaching suitable funders and potentially soliciting major donors for campaigns.
  • Create and administer fund-raising program consistent with First Response Action’s mission, vision and capacity.
  • Build relationships with donors and sustain communication.
  • Track grants and expenditures in collaboration with Finance Chair.
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