Seven Point Plan

Seven Point Plan of Action to Address Response to Sexual Assault and Violent Crime in the United States Peace Corps Community

The Seven Point Plan was designed by an RPCV who experienced sexual assault during service, with feedback from other RPCVs and PCVs. The Seven Point Plan has been shaped by other survivor experiences and from experts in the field.  In order to align Peace Corps policies with best practices in the field, First Response Action strongly encourages the following action plan for the Peace Corps:

1)      Create a Survivor Bill of Rights

2)      Include Survivor Bill of Rights in Handbook

3)      Develop a Non-Discrimination Policy

4)      Designate an Advocate to Speak on Behalf of the Volunteer Survivor

5)      Train In-Country Staff About Issues of Sexual Violence, Stalking, Physical Abuse, Kidnapping and Other Violent Crimes

6)      Revise Volunteer Training and Prevention Curricula

7)      Include Survivor Resources on the Peace Corps Website for Access by Volunteer, Friends and Family Members

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