National Resources

The following resources were compiled by First Response Action Coalition members. For additional support, please email

  • RAINN is a one of the most comprehensive tools for victims and survivors of rape, sexual abuse, and incest out there.  They have hotlines where you can talk to trained staff by phone or live chat 24/7. They also provide assistance in finding a local counselor and offer support for family/friends of survivors. There is an extensive section on facts about violence and abuse, the different types, how it can be experienced, as well as dealing with the effects and aftermath, which is key for Survivors. It also has a link to State resources so you can find out what is available in your area, as well as legal resources. Go to for further information.
  • The Sidran Institute is an excellent resource for learning more about trauma, co-occuring disorders, treatment options, educational resources, relevant publications, and a help desk where you can find a trauma therapist, social worker, or psychiatrist in your area. Visit for further information. I contacted the help desk and they were able to refer me to 4 PTSD therapists in my area within just a few days. For a PDF file of trauma treatment centers around the nation, go to If you’d like an inside scoop on some of the centers from people who have been there, go to the blog PTSD AND ME Just remember everyone will have a different experience based on their needs at the time and what the program offers.
  • The National Sexual Violence Resource Center is a great resource for organizations that are near you.  Visit http://www.nsvrc.orgfor more information and to search for locations in your area for assistance.  The site also offers educational material which may be helpful while navigating post-traumatic experiences.

Other Useful Links for Support:

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