Survivor Support Network

Following a traumatic situation, many people find it healing to speak with someone who is able to listen and possibly relate to or understand the dynamics of the complicated situation of experiencing sexual violence while serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

In response to this, First Response Action has set up several avenues for survivors to connect with other survivors.  The Survivor Support Network helps survivors get connected via email, over the phone and possibly in-person.

Getting Connected to the Survivor Support Network

If there is not a survivor group in the city you are currently living in, you can email Casey at to get connected with someone via email or in-person (if a survivor is living in the same area as you).


First Response Action is currently working to initiate get-together groups in cities across the U.S.which are survivor or ally-led groups where survivors can gather for dinner, coffee or anything else they’d like.  So far there are groups in D.C. andCincinnati.

  • D.C. - A survivor gathers a group of people on an impromptu basis. to get connected.
  • Cincinnati - Casey Frazee gathers a group of people on an impromptu basis.  Contact to get connected.
  • New York City - Eleni Bourinaris-Suarez is open to gathering a group of survivors on an impromptu basis or to talk with survivors.  to get involved.

Would you like to start a group in your area?  Please email your interest to Casey at and let her know which city you are in, how you would like people to contact you and what your plan is for gathering people (monthly dinners, impromptu coffee gatherings, etc.).

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