Working with Peace Corps & OWCP

The following resources were compiled by First Response Action Coalition members.  For additional support, please .

Working with Peace Corps

  • If you have been sexually or physically assaulted while serving as a Volunteer, you can contact the Office of Special Services in D.C. if you feel that Peace Corps staff in-country is not effectively managing your situation. The numbers are: 1 -800-424-8580 ext. 1470 or 202-692-1470.
  • Visit Peace Corps’ website here to find step-by-step information about applying for benefits through FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act).
  • Contact Peace Corps’ Victim Advocate, Kellie Greene, .  She should be able to route you to services that you need.
  • Contact the Peace Corps Quality Nurse at .

Tips for dealing with the Post-Service Unit and the Department of Labor.

  • Create a file system for all incoming and outgoing forms and letters that you submit to the Post-Service Unit (PSU) or the Department of Labor (DOL) or receive from them.
  • Bookmark the Health Benefits section from the Peace Corps website so you have quick access to important forms and addresses.
  • ALWAYS keep a hard copy of all paperwork submitted, including the date submitted/mailed.
  • Don’t be afraid to follow up with the PSU or the case examiner at the DOL on any paperwork you submitted. Never assume all paperwork makes it to the right location or is being thoroughly reviewed.
  • Once you have a case approved through the DOL, know your case examiner’s information (name and phone). This is easier in some states than others to find out.
  • Memorize your OWCP # (trust me, it makes life easier).
  • Follow-up with OWCP to make sure that your paperwork has been processed properly and to see if they need anything else from you or your provider.
  • Be proactive and firm when requesting approval, prior-authorization, or reimbursement for services so that it happens in a timely manner.
  • Remember that you are working with a complicated government system that will test your limits at times, but you are worthy and entitled to benefits, so don’t give up.

Worker’s Compensation:

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