Survivor Stories

Sharing Your Story

Thousands of Volunteers over the years have experienced trauma during service. Volunteer testimonials are included on this site to illustrate the depth and breadth of issues that necessitate proper response and treatment following traumatic events.

Disclaimer: Many of us have been taught, and find it useful, to imagine we are in the place of the author whose story we are reading. We transfer their actions to ours, forming a mental imagine of the place and situation they are in. While reading the following testimonies we ask you to put that skill aside and read these stories for what they are, free of judgment or comparison. Because these are not your stories or mine, they are the stories of the authors, and we owe them respect.

Trigger Warning: The content of each survivor is in their own words and the events portrayed may be triggering to some people.

To confidentially share your story or to submit your story for use on the site, email Casey at

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