Africa Region, intimate partner violence

“I was beaten and raped by my boyfriend while serving as a PCV. He beat me up and then raped me when I tried to get away.  I remember calling the  PC duty phone and saying “I think my boyfriend just raped me”  I was told to go back to the backpacker and go to sleep.  I was woken up about 4 hours later to the safety and security officer telling me i had to move to a guest house because my boyfriend knew where to find me and might come looking for me.


I was told I had to ET [early terminate service] (not be med sep’d considering it was not my choice to leave…which is what I was expecting) and generally [felt] like I was being kicked out of PC because of actions I had no control over.”


“I really felt like PC was making it seem like it was my fault and received NO support from PC when i got back to the states. Not even a phone call to make sure i arrived home safely.  There was NO policy in place for my situation and it made feel thrown out by PC and by my boyfriend.”


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