Eastern Europe and Central Asia Region

“Three months after I arrived in [country], I was raped by my Program Director, a [host country national]. This man had repeatedly told female volunteers that we would have to have sex with him to get our living supplement check. Because of this, I went with a male volunteer to pick up the checks.  The next morning, after the assault, I went to our medical officer to try to get help, but he told me he was disgusted with all the volunteers and that if something bad happened to us, it was our own fault. I felt like I had no one else to seek help from so I went back to my village.”

“I was told that I would have to confront my attacker in the presence of the medical director in order to have my request for a different supervisor honored. This was extremely traumatic. In addition, the new supervisor made it clear that he did not like having me assigned to him.  The Peace Corps did not provide me with a meaningful opportunity to prosecute my attacker. I was told that unless I had been a virgin when I was attacked, that the [host country] courts would not consider that a rape had occurred.”

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