The Caribbean Region

“I had been drinking the night of the assault.  I wasn’t given a rape kit or given any kind of rape counseling.  They said they could not help me in the country.  My only choice was to be Medically evacuated from the country or stay with the chance that my rapists could have given me AIDS and no support.”

“When I went to DC, they sent me to a therapist.  He focused on the fact that I had been drinking the night of the rape and not on the rape itself.    He told me that I could potentially have a drinking problem and that I should not be allowed to return to the country.  The men who raped me were never even questioned.  I spent 9 months working with the people in my village in [country].  I gained there trust and friendship just to leave it and to take all the blame on to myself.  The emotional and mental damage haunts me to this day.”

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