Guidelines for Guest Blog Entries

If you are interested to write a guest blog entry for First Response Action, please be mindful of the following guidelines.

While First Response Action operates a blog, which may give connotations of journal-like writing, the blog is fact-based and campaign-focused.  Please keep this in mind while writing your entry that First Response Action is looking to provide it’s readers with content based in facts, personal experience, studies or from credible sources or organizations.  There may be entries that are created from groups of Volunteers where no data may be available or from personal stories.  In those cases, we ask that authors keep to the facts of the story as they know them and do not slander another person or group.

Please keep in mind that First Response Action reserves the right to edit content, while maintaining the integrity of the piece.

Entries should:

  • Be written in first-person narrative form or in a news-like manner, depending on the subject matter.
  • Include facts, data, statistics, direct quotes from reputable organizations or credible people where applicable.
  • Include links to sources, where applicable.
  • Explicitly note the author’s opinion, where applicable.
  • NOT make generalizations that can not be supported by data, studies, etc.
  • Be checked for grammatical correctness.
  • NOT include special fonts, colors or pictures (these cannot be supported by the blog or website’s formatting).
  • Include contact details, if the author wishes to be contacted (We can also include the email address and forward responses if the author requests.)
  • Include the author’s full name (and title and organization is applicable) at the end of the piece.  Please denote if the author is choosing to write anonymously.

Once entries are submitted, please allow up to two weeks for revision and posting.  If there are issues with the submission, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Please send submissions to:

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