Ways to Help

Are you interested in sharing your time and talents with First Response Action?  Here are some ways you can help.

• Share Your Personal Story If you are a current or former PCV who has experienced sexual assault or rape during service,  contact firstresponseaction@gmail.com  and share your story. You can elect to remain anonymous and all information shared  will be confidential.

• Spread the Word Do you know any current or former Peace Corps Volunteers? Contact them and ask for their support. They can  comment on this blog or email firstresponseaction@gmail.com

• Reach Out to Friends of Peace Corps Email or call your friends, family, co-workers, etc. and ask for their support of a  policy to assist volunteers who have experienced sexual assault, rape or other physical assault while serving. Forward  them a link to this blog and have them add their voices to creating a global sexual assault and rape policy for Peace  Corps.

• Join Our Facebook Group Get updates about the campaign in real time and connect with the larger community of people who  support a better response from Peace Corps to survivors of physical and sexual violence.   http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=131509159234&ref=ts

• Share Your Talents & Resources Your experience and contacts may help the collective Peace Corps Community move this issue  forward for the benefit of all.

• Write, call or meet with your representatives in the House and Senate.  These could be representatives in the district where you currently live, where you grew up, where your parents live or where you went to college.  Here is a template letter that you can adjust for your needs.

• Identify resources in your area for assault survivors who contact FRA looking for help

• Grant writing.  First Response Action has an all-volunteer board.  Grant support will help increase capacity.

• Legislation/Lobbying experience

• Non-profit management experience

• Wesite enhancement.  Your experience with writing copy for websites or graphic design would be incredibly beneficial.

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